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West Coast Homes is a team of dedicated real estate and mortgage professionals in Southern California, part of West Coast Group Inc. Our offices and agents represent our clients in San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange counties, and now in Panama City, Panama, the hottest real estate market today. Despite recent market declines and credit scarcity in the US, the real estate markets in Southern California are very competitive, and our goal is to stand out in this crowded market by providing the most professional service with great value to all our clients. 

Our Mission

Every single act, or word, or promise that makes up our work on a daily basis, reflects on the lives of our clients. That's why it is vital that our clients feel happy with the results of our work now, however, it is ten times more vital that our clients feel as happy with these results a year from now, because that's what keeps them coming back and remaining our clients for LIFE! We work with every one of our clients as if its our ONLY client.

Alex Lisnevsky
Broker, owner of West Coast Homes

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What our clients are saying about Us

Dear Alex,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping us find our new home, selling our old one and handling the financing through Mercury Capital Group.  What a deal.  The financing options you offered left us with affordable house payments, and enough cash to pay off the bills, and buy some new furniture.

Not many realtors would take the time and effort to find contractors, arrange for bids, and even meet them at the house to satisfy the requirements of inspectors.  With both of us working full time, it would have been nearly impossible for us to meet with the many people that are required in real estate transactions.  West Coast Homes is truly a full service organization. 

Again, I would like to thank you and your Assistant, and I would highly recommend West Coast Homes and Mercury Capital Group to anyone considering buying or selling a home.

Sincerely, Warren & Mari ... (Move-Up Home Buyers)


Hi, Alex!  Well, I have to say after all the stress and turmoil of moving and obtaining my loan, I am very happy, it's hard to believe I was able to buy my condo - and I really do own it! Being a homeowner really gives you a sense of pride and strength. Thank, Alex.

Rebecca (Proud First-time Home Buyer)

Recent Articles

Basic Guide For Foreign Buyers of Real Estate in the USA

As the Great Recessions is slowly but surely fading away with the hopes of eventual recovery showing up on the horizon, foreign buyers and investors starting to pursue opportunities in the US real estate market again. Even though stable recovery of the housing market is still "work in progress", many foreigners recognize that American real estate is "On Sale", plus the dollar is historically weak, so many buyers are trying to snatch the bargains in residential and commercial properties here. However, a foreign buyer investing in the US must take extra diligence to plan the acquisitions due to nuances in taxation laws, title holding rules, money transfer rules and many other factors.

Seven Mistakes to Avoid As a Buyer When Buying Short Sales

Many buyers shun away from short sales. They got so much bad publicity that many buyers and many real estate agents don't even want to put an offer on a property offered as a short sale. Most people think that short sales are endless mazes that will lock the buyers into contracts and after hanging in there for the next eight months, the buyer will not get the property at the original price anyway. Some of these fears are true.  So what can you do to avoid the major mistakes when bying a short sale and eventually achieve your Goal: buy your dream home at the price you can afford?


Five Reasons why you can’t afford to wait with your home purchase until Spring!

WARNING! If you are serious about buying a home in 2010, you might not have much time left! With recession of 2007-2009 fading into history, buyers are returning to the real estate market in droves. However, what most of the buyers don’t realize is that there are many forces working against them that might make it difficult to find real bargains come spring and summer. Here are some of the main forces shaping up the market early this year, and you better pay attention to them.


San Diego: The place to live and to invest
By Alex Lisnevsky

As a real estate and mortgage broker I work with or come into contact with many real estate investors in this area. Some of them are quite successful, some are just starting, some are in this business on a full-time basis, some are building their investment portfolio while working in their main jobs or businesses. No matter what category of investor you fall into, there are a number of main factors that will affect your success as a real estate investor in San Diego or any other area....

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Real Estate Investing and the Rising Interest Rates

By Alex Lisnevsky

All good things come and go eventually, and the same is true with the interest rates at the levels we haven’t seen since 1965. All of us know that the interest rates can’t stay this low for a long time, and most of the current homeowners took advantage of this opportunity to refinance their home loans and enjoy much lower payments while keeping the same or sometime increasing the size of their homes. So, what will happen when (not if) the interest rates finally start going up?

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