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Aren't you tired of chasing REO's and Short Sales and never getting anywhere with this chase??

It seems that most buyers today are making endless offers on overpriced REO's at 100% of market value and never even getting a counter offer! And even if you get lucky and end up winning the bid, you still have to dump tens of thousands of dollars to fix up the place and make it livable.  As the classic definition of insanity goes: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results!


THERE IS A MUCH BETTER WAY! Would you like to buy a house UNDER market value, create instant equity in the house, do all repairs and remodel work prior to move-in and do it all with a minimum upfront investment?

Would you like to wrap the cost of remodel into one home loan so that you don't have to deal with two payments and don't have to borrow from your credit cards and your in-laws?

Would you like to be able to finish all dirty work BEFORE you move your furniture into the house and move into a beautiful finished home while your family still loves you?

You don't have to have the best credit for it, you don't have to be an experienced investor or serial homeowner, you don't have to have 20% or even 10% downpayment to accomplish it. You need the KNOWLEDGE and the right guidance from a knowledgeable professional!

Are you a homeowner?

Are you an Investor?

If you are home buyer, this is one of the best ways to instantly create equity, move into a property that needs no work after the purchase, and can all be done with only 3.5% downpayment! Keep more money in your pocket after the move in to buy new furniture and to pay off your cars and credit cards.

Don't be afraid of a "project"! Be EXCITED! It's an Opportunity, that doesn't come often, and most other people are too scared to take advantage of opportunities, so you have less competition. As part of our projects, we hold your hand from A to Z, we walk with you every step of the way from the property identification, to feasibility analysis, to rehab financing, to contractor selection and supervision, bid review, project management, and all the way to the final walk-thru. You will not be left alone!

If you are an investor, this is one of the best ways to create a highly profitable business, that you control and that can give you a great satisfaction of being creative, productive and proud of creating real value!

If you are a passive investor, our fixer-upper program offers some of the highest returns on your capital today. Join our select group of passive investor-participants who enjoy the fruits of their capital without hitting a single nailhead and without even knowing how to remove an old toilet, while holding title to the property and knowing that their capital is secured by recorded title. We buy several fixer projects every month, we have the crews to fix them, starting from simple face lifts to complete scrap&rebuild projects, room additions, lot subdivisions. 


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Successful Strategies for finding funding and fixing Fixer-uppers, Monthly Free Seminar held in San Diego, Orange County and Riverside. Learn how to be successful with fixer uppers, how to be smart about financing them, how to analyze fixer uppers and make money with this type of real estate investment. Email to or call (760) 859-7070.

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Call us today with questions on becoming successful with fixer-uppers at 619-993-7799.


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